Follow the Lego brick road

Follow the Lego brick road
Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Art of the Brick is the brainchild of New York based ‘brick artist’, Nathan Sawaya. His large scale creations are made entirely from standard Lego bricks and nothing more though they are far cry from the Legoland creations you might expect. Instead, each piece is an original work of art, as well conceived and executed as any piece you’d find in a respectable gallery, only his medium just happens to be Lego.

This playful element makes the exhibition ideal for the young and young at heart and an extra special treat for art-lovers with children. I was lucky enough to be in the company of just such friends – Jessica, Daniel and their enchanting daughters Sofia and Evie.

The exhibition itself is quite small but understandably so considering the intricacy of the pieces. It’s probably just the right size for short attention spans though – young or old.

The most inspiration element of the exhibition to my mind is the story of the artist himself. Nathan Sawaya, like myself, studied law. He established his career and was doing well when he gave it all up to pursue this crazy dream. He is now far more successful and fulfilled than he could ever have been following the beaten path. A timely reminder for me to keep building my own path forward, brick by brick.


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