Pictures McGee

Until a few short years ago, Naomi had barely picked up a camera in her life. She had no need as she travelled around the world and through life with an extraordinary photographer by her side. His photos were no less her own than her words were his. Then, one unassuming day, after 18 years together, she lost him. With him went all semblance of a future; all meaning in the past and, after an entire adult life entwined, She was lost.

In the madness of grief that followed, Naomi took off on a solo-trip around the globe realising it was incumbent on her alone to photograph it. She took up the camera and saw something quite magical through it’s lens – a beautiful world. Looking back over the past and peering into the future, she only saw devastation but through photography, she found a way to stay focused on the present and appreciate the wonder all around, even in the most mundane and unremarkable.

Below are the images from Naomi’s first solo exhibition, Changing Focus. It is not merely a collection of photos but a compendium of moments of hope, beauty, discovery, inspiration, joy, courage, vulnerability, strength, triumph, peace and above all, love of a reclaimed-life.

Prints of all images are available to purchase. Please email for all domestic and international sales.

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