Words McGee

letterpressNo matter what your product, service or message, one thing is universally true – people love a good story, and Naomi is a great storyteller. In a world of exponentially increasing content and commensurately shrinking attention spans, it’s important to provide content that cuts through the noise and engages audiences.

Naomi has a unique way with words which has earned her the trust of her clients in telling their stories through a variety of mediums including creative writing, speeches, website content, blogs, right down to regular social media posts.

Samples of Naomi’s recent work can be seen at:

Tiny Iceland
Eat The Globe

Porteno, Bodega, Gardel’s Bar, Porteno Store
LP’s Quality Meats
Gelateria Gondola (including Facebook and Instagram)

The Kidstore

Executive Evolution

Naomi is currently available to take on new clients. For all enquiries, please email patchesmcgee@gmail.com


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