Funny thing happened on the way to the meat market


Funny thing happened on the way to the meat market
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

After an amazing breakfast, most of my morning was spent on post/pre trip admin – emailing family and friends, planning future accommodation and posting puffins. The rest was spent hanging in the garden.

In the evening, Vic, Pete and I made our way to Balham where we were joined by a group of their friends and my cousin, Erin. We converged en masse on a gastropub to fortify ourselves for a night of comedy at The Bedford where more than a few comedy careers have been launched.

There were 4 acts in total, each with their own style and all hilarious. At the end of the show, most of our party left leaving Vic, Pete, Catia, Adrian and myself. The tables and chairs were cleared to make room for a dance floor as the comedy club turned into a nightclub and meat market in which I was on the menu!

Pete and Adrian kept watch from the balcony above while we danced in the gallery below. Perhaps it was because my clubbing days were spent in the gay clubs of Sydney but this was an entirely new experience for me and one I was ill-equipped to deal with as guys circled, moving in on me with their bad dance moves and shouting all kinds of sweet somethings in my ear to be heard above the music. If I sound naive or prudish at all, it’s only because I am – I had honestly never been in this situation before, not even at school discos where I wasn’t once asked to dance! Luckily Vic and Catia had and were on hand to help me keep my dance card clean, to say nothing of Pete and Adrian who remained on standby.

Once I got the hang of it, the fear gave way to fun and we stayed on till the wee small hours arriving home at 3.30am for a big steaming bowl of Pete’s amazing noodles!



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