A turn up for the cook books


A turn up for the cook books
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

It didn’t take long for Elizabeth and I to get nostalgic about Morocco and start reliving old memories. Our first day back in London and we already planned to meet to recreate our Moroccan Menu all by ourselves.

We met at Bertie &amp; Boo cafe in Balham to caffeinate and strategise. We compiled our shopping list and headed to the Hildreth Street Markets for fresh fruit and veg and then to Sainsburys for the rest. We hauled it all back to Vic and Pete’s and spent the rest of the day cooking up a storm wondering all the while what had happened to us to make us willingly participate in domestic duties. We even made the cookies and cleaned up after ourselves!

I don’t mind telling you that our second attempt without the proper equipment or help and guidance of those eminently more qualified was a resounding success! We divided up our bounty – Liz took hers home to impress her husband and I laid the table for my Furzedown Family.

Full tummies, happy hearts all round.



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