Mediocre Monday


Mediocre Monday
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Today my plans were as non-resolute as my ability to carry them out. I sorta thought I might go to University of British Colombia (UBC) and check out the Museum of Anthropology and I sorta did. I hopped on a bus and headed towards the campus through familiar parts of town that I am yet to revisit such as Kits and Point Grey. When I got to UBC, it occurred to me that I didn’t actually know where I was in relation to the Museum so I asked a couple of people passing by. They couldn’t have been more helpful, they led me to their office where they printed me a map and pointed me in the right direction.

By that stage though, I didn’t feel much like going to a museum anymore so decided to get a bus to the nearby beaches and go for a walk along them. Once on the bus, I didn’t really feel much like doing that either so just stayed on board as though it was a tour bus until it got to its last stop before heading downtown. I didn’t feel like going downtown either, so I got off and wandered to nearby Granville Island.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t depressed, I just didn’t know what I felt like doing, only that I should do something. So when I came across the Granville Island Brewery, I thought “that’ll do”. The first time I was in Vancouver, we visited the micro brewery with a group from the hostel – did a tour and had a tasting afterwards. I remember at the time they had a black larger that tasted like Vegemite – it was delicious! Everyone else hated it of course so I traded all my other beers for their Vegemite beer. I haven’t come across it again and I’m sure even if I did I wouldn’t recognise it having built the legend of it up so much in my mind.

I perched myself at the bar and ordered a tasting round of 3 baby beers – the star this time was the Maple Cream Ale – just like creaming soda! Unfortunately there was no one to trade with this time and in truth, I felt a little pathetic drinking alone with couples and groups all around but thats what notebooks and pens are for. The only other individual there was a dirty old man who had no such props so he continued to look like a dirty old man while I took up my disguise as a reviewer or perhaps journalist or maybe strange lady with nothing to do in the day but drink and doodle in a book!

Still somewhat uninspired, I was more than happy to walk the seawall home. I came across the families of Canada geese I’ve been stalking and as you’ll see from the photos, they are growing nicely. The sun shone gently the whole way and I could feel it doing that thing… you know that thing that makes your skin go a darker shade of pale… tanning me! Some of you have already commented on my tell-tale markings of too much fun in the sun and how very unlike me that is. Fear not, I’m still have a healthy sun-phobia and its genuinely starting to freak me out every time I go to moisturise my legs or equally sun starved area and see a brown hand touching me! I might not mind so much but it’s definitely a ladies hand and not one that seems to belong to the glow-in-the-dark legs!

I’m also sorry to report that my lack of enthusiasm for the day seemed to effect tonights Canucks game with a 5-1 loss. Sorry team. From now on, I promise to watch the games downtown and to wear my T-shirt lest they lose the Stanley Cup on my account.

So that’s that – no super-highs or mega-lows – just even steven.



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