Contact high


Contact high
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

This morning started with a large, fresh batch of emails including one from Wendy saying that unfortunately, people were booked in behind me at the apartment so no option of extending my stay there. Decision made. I know I could find alternative accommodation but my gut is saying that for now I should take the path of least resistance and stay my course. That’s not to say I shouldn’t knock on doors of opportunity to see if they open thereby giving me a choice, but if they don’t, proceed through the one already open.

A little disappointed, I resolved to make the most of my remaining time so with that in mind, I frocked up in the dress Rebecca left me and headed down to my local square for the ‘Love Vancouver, Love Your Planet’ festival. I browsed the various stands while enjoying the live music and picked up a few bits and pieces including a bag in support of the foundation of one of Vancouver’s most prestigious residents – environmentalist, David Suzuki.

Back home, I changed into something a little more rock and roll for my night with Architecture in Helsinki! I serendipitiously saw a poster for their show a couple of days ago so immediately contacted Ryan, being the only one of my friends in town without children and therefore able to go to a gig late on a Sunday night, to co-opt him into coming with me for an introduction to Australian indie-pop.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that Ryan ran a half marathon (22km) yesterday in 2 hours 15 mins and then a round of golf this morning with liberal amounts of alcohol in between so was feeling a little worse for wear. Perhaps not the ideal state to be in when confronted by the high-octane, kook-fest that Architecture in Helsinki can and did provide, never mind me jumping around exclaiming at the beginning of each song ‘this ones my favourite!’. So 5 stars for effort!

The band did not disappoint either. The venue was small, maybe 150 people – much more intimate than when I’d last seen them in Sydney a couple of years back. They played the entire new album, Moment Bends as well old favourites leaving us all on a Contact High!



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