Do cry for me, Argentina!


Do cry for me, Argentina!
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Today started with another gastronomic breakfast to fortify us for another day of shopping. As previously stated, I’m not one for retail therapy, much less when the object of the hunt is leather, leather and more leather, something Argentina is as renowned for as the consumption of the owners of said carcasses. Mind you, there’s something to be for the simplicity that vegetarianism can bring to your life – I suffered none of the indecision of my sisters wrestled with. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy vicarious experiences so when Rebecca pulled on a pair of perfect red cowboy boots, we all rejoiced knowing she’d found the ones. We celebrated in Argentinean style, with a round of alforjores!

We jumped into another taxi (no public transport on this leg of the journey!) and headed over to the posh part of town, Recoleta, which is also home the the famous cemetery containing elaborate mausoleums, most notably that of Eva Peron. Many of the lesser known ‘residents’ is less well kept ‘houses’ were just hanging out, literally, bones and all.

Being our last night in town, we wanted to do something special for dinner, as opposed to every other night of the trip so far (insert sarcasm here). We headed to Tegui – from the outside, a non-descript door is set into a graffiti covered wall. Once you step through the threshold however, the vibrant street scene gives way to sublime elegance and yet another finer-than-most dining experience. It was the perfect way to end out time in Buenos Aires.

Tomorrow, an early morning start to head across the country to Mendoza…



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