Take me back to Hollywood


Take me back to Hollywood
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I was up very late last night after my spa trying to catch up on all the trip admin that has already gotten on top of me – it’s not easy trying to run a website, maintain a blog, keep up with emails, get down with facebook, plan ahead, try not look back and remember to charge your various pieces of equipment necessary to do so! Consequently, I started the day a little tired which made me especially grateful for the Home Breakfast – a morning degustation of gourmet treats including orange juice with lavender, tomato juice with vanilla, mango puree with whipped yoghurt, herbaceous scrambled eggs, assorted breads and pastries and such condiments as butter with orange salt, cream cheese verde, blood plum jam and chocolate genache.

I was equally as grateful to have no particular plans other than hanging in the Palermo Vieja ‘hood – divided by rail lines into ‘Soho’ and ‘Hollywood’ – the two making up the whole of an area comparable to Sydney’s Paddington.

It was essentially a day for shopping. Those of you who know me well will know that it’s not generally an activity I enjoy, especially being at the beginning of the journey with an already full backpack and no future income in sight. Luckily, this was more than offset by an expenditure I am partial to – time with my sisters.

So from boutique to designer boutique we went, picking up boots and pieces along the way until Rebecca and I had to save Rachel from the weight of her own purchases. We couldn’t decide if she looked like the celebrity and we her body guards or if Rebecca and I were the celebs and Rach our bag-*****. Either way, the day ended in an emporium more up my alley – Freddo – a gelato bar where we ate our fill of dulce de leche and chocolate ice cream!

Plans for the night were rapidly being made with various rendez vous being arranged with Rebecca’s neighbour from home and work colleagues of my eldest sister who were on the same flight over as us. However, if I started the day tired, I was ending it emotional and had run out of the steam necessary to power a smile and light conversation. Those of you who have been close to me over the past few months may also have noticed in these blogs that I’ve eaten more in the last few days than I have in the last few months so I decided to give my sisters and digestive system the night off and myself the night in.

The spa is running now…



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