PATCHES OF ICELAND: Moving pictures


Seyðisfjörður couldn’t have been more picturesque by daylight with its gathering of multi-coloured houses nestled into the fjord against a dramatic mountainous backdrop. Even though almost everything was closed, the fluorescent lampposts and other telltale signs certainly spoke of a creative community that I would loved to have spent more time amongst but not today. Karina and I contented ourselves with a leisurely lap before facing the reality that we had to go back over slip-and-slide-mountain. We scoured the map for alternative routes but there just weren’t any. Although it was technically my turn to drive, Karina valiantly volunteered to swap shifts – I’m sure it was partly out of excitement but also out of self-preservation. We’d agreed earlier in the trip that when things got hairy, it was better to be the driver because at least you had some sense of control. Conversely, passenger is a tough-gig for a natural-born-driver so I was only too willing to take the swap and use the opportunity to drive the camera instead.

Patches McGee-0014
Seyðisfjörður Fjord

And so began a day in our lives where we demanded more of our senses than perhaps the rest of our other days combined. I’m going to keep this brief because I am running out of ways to impress upon you how metamorphosing this small island can be. How it holds you in its thrall and demands your whole heart, rearranges it, and returns it to you beating stronger than you knew it could, but always keeping a piece for itself so it can keep pulling you back.

Patches McGee-0075

The journey from the east coast to the south is barely 300km but it took the entire days light to traverse, bearing in mind that the days are very short at this time of year. What’s more remarkable is the sheer diversity of the landscape. Our breath was taken at every turn by frozen lakes, thunderous waterfalls, gargantuan mountains so steep that you get a sense of vertigo just looking up at them. We stopped to pat Icelandic horses that are unique in the world for having an extra gait – tölt – where all other horses only have 3 or 4. They’re also incredibly fluffy and friendly, just don’t call them ponies! We saw too-cute-to-be-true homes dotted throughout the impossible landscape including at the edge of Vatnajökull, Europe’s biggest glacier. We mused about the magic and mystical forces at play that seem easier to believe here than to not. We wondered if perhaps the ‘mirror lakes’ as we called them were actually portals to other realities, not that we had any desire to leave this one unfolding before us.

Patches McGee-0160
All Icelandic horses are qualified to do shampoo commercials

We decided to push on through the last of the light to Jökulsárlón in the south – a glacial lake at the edge of the Vatnajökull National Park. We didn’t think we’d be able to see much in the encroaching darkness of night, or rather late afternoon, but we took our chances and were rewarded with an experience I don’t expect to be matched any time soon. Our senses were stretched further still by the sight, sound and touch of glacial boulders bobbing about in the water. The dark was getting deeper so we made a final dash to the beach across the way to see still more boulders strewn across the black sand while others tossed and turned in the surf.

Patches McGee-0417
Nice backyard water feature

We left only when we could see no more and every drop of adrenaline had been drained from our bodies. We found our hotel, drank soup and wine, and then fell into a deep sleep knowing that this day has changed us forever.

Patches McGee-0652
Sweet dreams are made of these!


Now get comfy, I’ll let the pictures do the talking from here:

Patches McGee-0007
Our backyard in Seyðisfjörður
Patches McGee-0010
Just another waterfall
Patches McGee-0011
Patches McGee-0019
Doll Church
Patches McGee-0046
Back over the mountain
Patches McGee-0059
Patches McGee-0078
Into the light
Patches McGee-0088
Winter cottage
Patches McGee-0097
Beauty and the beast
Patches McGee-0098
Oh, another waterfall!
Patches McGee-0104
Three Icelandic Sisters
Patches McGee-0121
Moody mountain
Patches McGee-0145
If Karina and I were Icelandic horses
Patches McGee-0158
So fluffy!
Patches McGee-0163
Waterfall obstacle course
Patches McGee-0186
No need to be so dramatic!
Patches McGee-0206
Sunset… at midday
Patches McGee-0212
Location, location, location!
Patches McGee-0228
Natures cathedral
Patches McGee-0237
Hairdresser queue
Patches McGee-0243
Twin Peaks
Patches McGee-0257
Open road
Patches McGee-0266
The spiky formations are probably hidden people
Patches McGee-0269
A very rare stand of trees – you don’t see many of those in Iceland!
Patches McGee-0288
Proceed with caution – falling rocks!
Patches McGee-0294
Ocean slide
Patches McGee-0298
It’s hard to get a sense of scale but those inclinations are intimidating!
Patches McGee-0301
Cloudy bays
Patches McGee-0320
As above, so below
Patches McGee-0356
Those are DEFINITELY trolls!!
Patches McGee-0369
Bridging the divides
Patches McGee-0373
Icelandic suburb
Patches McGee-0379
Batman’s Icelandic getaway
Patches McGee-0384
Sweet Valley Heights
Patches McGee-0390
Straight and narrow
Patches McGee-0393
Icelandic pyramids
Patches McGee-0406
Just Europe’s biggest glacier at the end of the street
Patches McGee-0412
Patches McGee-0425
Mirror Lake series
Patches McGee-0427
Mirror Lake series
Patches McGee-0429
Mirror Lake series
Patches McGee-0431
Mirror Lake series
Patches McGee-0433
Mirror Lake series
Patches McGee-0434
Mirror Lake series
Patches McGee-0437
Glacial farmland
Patches McGee-0442
Sunset setting faster than we can drive
Patches McGee-0455
The glacier that keeps on giving!
Patches McGee-0511
Another colourful neighbourhood
Patches McGee-0518
And another
Patches McGee-0519
Going going going…
Patches McGee-0526
Patches McGee-0530
Patches McGee-0555
Patches McGee-0561
Patches McGee-0576
Glacier beach
Patches McGee-0586
Glacier beach
Patches McGee-0609
Sweet dreams are made of these



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