We have lift off


We have lift off
Singapore, Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

Since I committed to doing this trip, time has flown and now so have I. The trepidation I felt yesterday continued unabated throughout the day as I packed, said my farewells and made my way to the airport. Everything ran according to plan, so much so that I was still having difficulty shifting my state of mind. Then the cavalry arrived just in the nick of time to shake things loose. With mere moments to spare, my brother in law, Marlon and nephew, Madiba pulled up out the front, abandoned their car in the drop-off only zone and swooped in for a final farewell! The drama of it all provoked a disproportionate outburst of tears to send me on my way in a manner to which I am more accustomed.

Once through passport control, I made a mad dash to my gate just in time for the boarding announcement. Anxiety gave way to excitement as I climbed aboard an a380 airbus for the first time and I was not disappointed! It is massive, beautiful and modern. I claimed my window seat and was delighted to find the seat next to me empty and the one beside that occupied by the very interesting and affable Michael. We shared the appropriate amount of pre, during and post-flight conversation, some of it very interesting including an indepth and open discussion about vegetarianism prompted by the preferential delivery of my meal. Whilst the meal was mostly OK, I do have a constant bone to pick (obviously not literally) with all airlines regarding dessert. Just because I’m vegetarian, doesn’t mean I’m healthy! I don’t want an apple when everyone else has a delicious brownie!! Spurred on by our conversation, I was brazen enough to ask the flight attendant if I could have a ‘normal’ dessert and she kindly obliged. I have to say, I was very impressed with the level of service on this particular flight.

Three movies (Cedar Rapids, Win Win and half of Lincoln) and a bad nap later, we touched down in Singapore at 10.30pm. My next flight isn’t until 7.20am and is with another airline, at another terminal and so will require me to clear customs, collect my bag and check in all over again. I enquired about my options at the information desk and was assuredly told that I should remain on this side of the gates, check into the transit hotel and leave my bag to collect from Lost &amp; Found in the morning. The lady spoke as though it is an often done thing and so I’m borrowing her confidence in my desperation to sleep.

The transit hotel feels like an indulgence. Given my restricted means, I really should be crashing out in a corner of the airport somewhere but I’m focusing on the bigger picture. I haven’t been sleeping terribly well lately and with such a jam packed adventure ahead of me, I can’t afford to lose sleep over the surprisingly reasonable cost, especially considering there’s a bathtub! Now that alone justified the spend!

TIme to sleep, the real adventure begins tomorrow!



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