Nice to be kneaded – Part 2

Nice to be kneaded – Part 2
Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

I just had my second massage at the NSW School of Massage – this time an hour and a half aromatherapy massage and it was bliss!!! To start with, it was in a slightly bigger and more private room – perhaps it was the would-be-conference-room as opposed to the photocopy closet and only 4 other bodies laying about. It was further down the hall away from the office hubbub and I think the towels may have been bigger or at least there were more of them.

Again it was deemed that there was enough of me to go around with two students assigned to sooth away my stresses with the magic of essential oils. I suspect they’re further along in their course than the my previous masseuse or maybe I was more at ease knowing what to expect but the entire experience was just so lovely. Still not the full luxury experience but for $40, I’m not complaining!

My friend Gabby has tipped me off about student massages at Nature Care College. Apparently they’re a little more expensive and on the other side of the Bridge in St Leonards but they’re done in a private room and with a more holistic approach to well being. I’ll be checking them out for sure and will report back.

But for now, I’m taking my soothed savage beast for a herbal tea*.

*By ‘herbal tea’, I mean ‘piccolo latte’.


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