Bed, breakfast, bye-bye


Bed, breakfast, bye-bye
Manchester, United Kingdom

Manchester, United Kingdom

Waking up every day on this trip has been something of an adventure in itself – wondering where in the world I am, how I got there and yes, still having to gently remind myself why there’s a space beside me. Today, I woke up with Phillip the cat curled up at my feet and I was happy.

Tony and Groupon treated me to a delicious breakfast at Jack Sprats cafe where we also partook of not one, but two of the biggest cups of coffee I have ever seen. I wasn’t sure if we were meant to drink them or swim in them! Obviously we took our time, having seen all of Manchester yesterday and at any rate, only really being there to spend this time catching up and getting inspiration for a still blank future.

We moved the motivational session down to the bus stop where we talked at length about people from the past, problems in the present, hope for the future and of course, Tony’s signature Rock ‘n’ Roll Wrestling move! My bus was late but Tony, who’d already given me so much, spared me yet another hour of his time to keep me company until it was time to board.

Although goodbyes are often sad affairs, I know Tony and I will always meet again somewhere in the world and for now, he has given me much food for thought as he fades into the distance to go on being the change I’d like to see in the world.



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