People in stone houses shouldn't throw glass


People in stone houses shouldn't throw glass
Ilkley, United Kingdom

Ilkley, United Kingdom

One very impressive fact I’ve neglected to mention is that since we last met, Diane has taken up sailing – like actual sailing in real boats! Although she’s explained it to me, I still don’t have the technical knowledge to explain what kind of boats but they’re not yachts but like little yachts with two people hanging off and jumping around using all manner of skill and strength.

Today, Diane took me for a drive to one of her favourite sailing spots in the picturesque Lakes District. The drive itself was spectacular and so green you could almost see pure pigment dripping from the leaves. We passed through hilariously named towns like Giggleswick and Wigglesworth and through historic Windermere with its ubiquitous stacked stone houses that seem to use no mortar at all. These incredible buildings continued to line our path all the way to Coniston.

We walked to the lake where our attention was divided – Diane enthralled by the boats and me by the geese &amp; goslings and ducks &amp; ducklings. We took up a position on the deck of the waterfront cafe and whiled away a couple of hours just watching the world sail by.

We drove on to nearby Ambleside for a mosey and spot of dinner before sampling some of the local night life. We happened upon a quaint little pub that soon swung into action with a 70s disco theme night and were soon crowded in by locals in tie-dye and afro wigs. Neither of us were drinking so clearly we were not going to get into the swing of things. We drank up our lemonades and hit the road for a dark and contemplative drive back to Ilkley, lost mostly to the revery of our own minds, safe in the comfort of a friendship with room for silent conversation.



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