Belated Birthday


Belated Birthday
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

You may have already gleaned that I’m big on my birthday so I was thrilled to pieces to be back in London for more celebrations! When I crept into the house last night I found a lovely goody bag waiting from me from Vic and Pete. I resisted the urge to go jump on their bed to thank them instead waiting till the morning when I was also able to resume electronic communications around the world.

I lost track of time and was appallingly late meeting my dear friend Dan to whom I pledge eternal apologies for my rudeness! I had asked Dan if we could spend a day together just hanging out in ‘his’ London because as far as I’m concerned, Dan is Mr London and all (good) things that implies. We started at the British Film Institute (formally the NFT) for lunch and then strolled along the Southbank, across the Thames and into the Trafalgar Square. We popped into his favourite comic book shop on sadly, one of it’s last days of trading before stopping for a pint opposite the British Museum. Fed and watered, we moseyed on up to Holborn and passed our old work place where it all began and onto Dans favourite Belgian beer cafe, the name and location of which I am not at liberty to divulge lest it get overrun by Australians and turned into a Walkabout Pub!

Having said that, we were met there by my cousin Erin who immediately tipped the balance of our little group in favour of the antipodes… Oh dear, they might be pulling out that Leffe tap any day now and replacing it with Fosters!

We finished our drinks and were led blindfolded by Dan to another location in Clerkenwell for an evening of festivities. I piggybacked my own birthday drinks onto those of Tim who I’d also worked with at Elsevier and who’d already gone to the trouble of inviting everyone and decided the venue! It was great to see so many familiar faces again in addition to my own posse of non-Elseverians.

Someone had made the mistake of gifting Tim a bottle of moonshine but luckily we were able break away at the end of the night and head back to Furzedown with Vic and Pete for a delicious feast of noodles!

The next day I awoke with a not too sore head but did so little that it barely warrants an entry other than to note it was the day Amy Winehouse died. So sad. Other than that, I tended to life’s admin – unpacked my bag, washed the contents and repacked them for my next trip – not just a new adventure but a new continent …



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