Beers and bands


Beers and bands
Belfast, United Kingdom

Belfast, United Kingdom

I took today at a leisurely pace – got up, had breaky, caught up on some emails and wandered to the bus stop for a ride back to Belfast. Once there, I spent the day just chilling out around town – another lap on the bus, catching some gentle rays on the crowded lawn in front of the town hall, moseying about the shops and so on.

Eventually I wound my way to The Crown – the oldest and arguably most beautiful pub in Belfast – for a pint of Guinness. I claimed a snug all to myself, feeling a little guilty about depriving couples and larger groups who were better able to fill it, but doing in all the same. My iPhone and a good internet connection helped keep me company as I enjoyed my pint and the intricacies of the design and grandeur of this magnificent pub.

As I neared my hotel, I was once again pulled off course by the sound of music coming from another exquisitely ornate pub, The Duke of York. Outside, in the alley, a small band played. With nothing else to do and nowhere else to be, I decided to get me another pint of Guinness and pull up a perch and watch the band play.

Once again, my iPhone rescued me from myself, this time by means of a text from Grainne – another of the McKenna clan whom I met a few days ago after babysitting at her house. Grainne graciously gave up a night to take me across town to The Empire for more beers and an amazing live set by Matt McGinn. We managed to chat between beautifully rendered cover versions of sentimental favourites and have a fantastic night and plan an even better day for tomorrow…



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