Cocktails and curry


Cocktails and curry
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Another night of tossing and turning, coughing and spluttering leading to another inappropriately late start. In fact, I didn’t even leave the house until it was time to head to Camden for another happy reunion with the one and only, utterly gorgeous and infectiously joyous Debbie Taylor. Years may have passed but she hasn’t changed a day. We slipped off to the nearest bar for a couple of cheeky cosmos while we waited for Vic to finish work. Even as I recounted my tale of woe, I couldn’t help but feel the euphoria of being in Debbie’s presence again. Seriously, if they could bottle that Debbie Taylor magic, there’d be no need in the world for Prozac!

The three of us headed into Soho to the very funky Barrio Central bar for another round of cocktails and catching up. Pete soon joined us to complete our group for the evening. He and Vic then led the way to another of their tried and tested favourites, Dishoon Bombay Cafe.

The restaurant itself was stunning. We had to wait for a table but that just gave us the opportunity to enjoy the downstairs bar before being seated in the main dining area upstairs. The decor certainly set an expectation that was more than matched by the delicious meal. We all ate our fill and left with full tummies and happy hearts.

On reflection, it was interesting to dine somewhere so fancy in London without need for ceremony or occasion. It was very telling of the years that have passed since I lived here when it was a rare treat to go for £5 pasta in a place that was rightly condemned not long after we left. I suppose it speaks of a coming of age and of good fortune. Tonight I felt privileged to be able to enjoy both in the company of those who knew me then as now in friendship that has also ripened with age.



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