Full circles and fond farewells


Full circles and fond farewells
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

My last full day in Vancouver and it’s been a roller coaster ride. Time to do a final lap, squeeze in all those things I’ve been meaning to do and write those postcards that have been sitting staring at me for weeks.

My plan was to go downtown for a stroll and then head down to Stanley Park but after spending more time taking in the goodwill messages on the hoarding around The Bay and having my last veggie hotdog, a strange thing happened. That magnetic force I felt on my second day in Vancouver that pulled me to the door of our old home just flicked on again on my second last day. I can’t explain it but the lure was stronger than my own will, as though this enchanted city wanted to show me something… and that something was me.

There I stood out the front of 1260 Harwood Street looking up as I had not even a month ago. Back then it was raining inside and out – today the sun shone inside and out. Before I felt empty and devoid, now I felt filled with love and gratitude for the life that was lived there and I smiled.

I can’t explain what force compelled me to take this route today because I had never consciously anticipated or entertained it, but I can’t deny it either. This city definitely has a hold on me which it seems to exercise with a wisdom deeper and greater than my own. It was as though it knew I needed to do this to see the distance I have travelled, the gift it and its people have given me.

Overwhelmed by the revelation, I wandered down to Sunset Beach where I’d been so many times before. I used to go there by myself when Matthew was at work and write letters home – today I did the same and enjoyed those moments of solitude in a spot that was always there just for me.

Postcards written, I got the ferry over to Granville Island and walked home to complete the circle I opened when I first arrived.

Laura and Harper soon joined me for a final dip in the pool – so much fun to see Harpers excitement and to steal a few more moments with this wonderful woman who has been the best friend anyone could hope for. We dried off and met Matt in the square under the big birds and headed back to my apartment for the evenings festivities. As chance would have it, it transpired that I’d inadvertently already said my fond ‘see ya laters’ to Mika, Yael and Sheliza and their families who were unable to make it so once Ryan arrived, the party was ready to start.

And start it did with a round of ‘Happy Birthday’ to my beautiful Mum – I can’t believe she’s almost 40 (is that the story Mum?) after which it was time to crack open the Reeses Vodka and let the night unfold imbued with the love and gratitude of the day.



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