Vibes on a summers day


Vibes on a summers day
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

The Dragon Boat Festival continued in earnest today but for me the focus was on the World Beat Stage. The first band up were One Human Race playing afrobeats with a full brass section taking me back to a time in the 90’s when the Good Vibrations festival was still Vibes on a Summers Day and tickets were only $12, life was simple and the future was as bright as the burning sun in the Bondi Pavilion. It was lovely to feel so transported and bask in the warmth of a gentler sun and happy memories.

Next up on stage was Kytami with Violin vs Vinyl which really bought me back to the here and now. She was incredible with her electric violin, a DJ on the decks and a Jamaican rapper to bring it all together. She managed to draw a crowd including the all important crazy festival dancers – those uninhibited few who don’t have it in them to care what anyone thinks, they just need to dance!

At this stage there were also children running around everywhere including one in a grateful dead t-shirt who was terrifying other children by chasing them, stealing balloons and other stand-over tactics. It was a beautiful moment when crazy-baby finally came together with crazy-tie-dye-wonder-woman-lady and together they danced up a storm!

The final band for the day was Santa Lucia LFR (Latin Funk Rock) which again took me back to those easy, breezy acid jazz days without a care in the world. As I sat back, took in the music and watched the people go by I couldn’t help but hope that if I’m destined to lose my marbles one day, I hope I’m the kind of crazy that hears the music and has the irrepressible urge to dance.

Let’s hear it for the crazy sunshine dancers!



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