A rose by any other name


A rose by any other name
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

When I found this place to stay, I vowed that I would go swimming everyday… today I did. In fact, having the place to myself, I happily flitted between the pool, steam room, sauna and spa just as a lady of leisure should. When I was sufficiently wrinkled, steamed and faint, I retired to my boudoir to prepare for my excursion to Burnaby.

I got the SkyTrain though didn’t take the helm this time having already been beaten to the front seat by a guy who wasn’t even trying to drive the train! What a waste! I was met at the other end by Sheliza and Ila who were stocking up for our picnic dinner.

We went and picked Asina up from a play date and then converged on Peter at his print and copy shop adorned with original artwork and photos of the girls. There we awaited the arrival of our main course – pizza – while Asina and Ila entertained. Once it arrived we set off for Burnaby Mountain.

The views from the top were spectacular. The perfect place to lay out our picnic blanket and feast away. When we had our fill, we went for a stroll to some of the more scenic lookouts. Peter pointed out various beauty spots including a seal colony which wasn’t visible from where we were but apparently very accessible by canoe. He spoke of their various camping/canoe trips in such a way that made even a city-slicker like me want to take to the water and get away from it all.

We went back to their home for sweet treats and then bedtime for the girls. Sheliza, Peter and I talked the night away and I got a tour of the basement which was nothing short of amazing – if the end of the world comes, I want to be down there because Sheliza is so fully stocked that they could survive for months! Being the relentlessly generous soul that she is, I was unable to leave the basement without a grocery bag full of supplies for the rest of my trip.

On the drive to the station, Sheliza and I got onto one of my favourite hot-button topics – surnames! I hear eyes rolling but I don’t care – this is my blog, my soapbox and though many of you have heard it all before, I want to share Sheliza’s story. Asina has Sheliza’s surname, Ila has Peter’s and I defy anyone who would suggest this makes them any less a family – the mere suggestion is ridiculous and yet it is still the most common excuse for women still giving up their names and the right to pass it onto the children they give birth to. Asina and Ila are amongst the happiest, most well adjusted children I’ve met and did I mention they can sing the entire Duran Duran catalogue!? This family is healthy, happy and loving. The fact that they have different names has no bearing on their day to day lives although hopefully assures both Asina and Ila of their equality in the world by the example set by both their parents who have been brave and bold enough to lead by example. I hope more will follow in their footsteps.



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