In the drivers seat


In the drivers seat
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Now that I remembered where they put the pool (it’s in another part of the complex known as ‘The Gold Medal Club’ – closest I’ll get anyway!) it was time to share the joy. Yael, Talya and Mikhail came around and made a splash, at least the girls did while Yael and I picked up the conversation poolside.

Afterwards it was time for some fun in the sun at a dragon boat racing festival that had popped up overnight in the ‘big bird square’. As we ate our hotdogs, Talya and Mikhail gave me a very extensive and articulate lesson in Judaism which even impressed Yael. They also stunned me with their insightful and intelligent questions about Catholicism and comparative analysis worthy of any theologian – such open, inquisitive minds! I’m afraid the only thing I remember to pass on to you is that they have excellent food on Jewish holidays.

There endeth the lesson as I headed off to my next engagement with Sheliza and co. I caught the SkyTrain out to their place upon which I had to jostle some kid for the front seat. I let him have it momentarily but only because I suspected he was getting off before me and that my time would come and luckily, it did. The SkyTrain is an automated train system that runs on elevated tracks – no driver required – so the front seat in the front carriage is fair game for anyone who wants to live out their fantasy of driving a train and I can tell you, I am an excellent train driver – didn’t crash once and made all the stops!

At the other end, I was met by Sheliza and Asina who drove me back to their home where Peter and Ila were waiting. It wasn’t long until Duran Duran was cranked up and I was treated to an all singing, all dancing extravaganza! Over a delicious dinner, Asina taught me a thing or two about Cleopatra and over dessert, Ila told me about some boy who’d been to their house several weeks before and had declined ice cream and brownies – she was still incredulous over the whole affair – she is wise beyond her two years to know not to trust anyone who turns down ice cream and/or brownies!

Once the girls retired to their boudoirs, Peter, Sheliza and I engaged in lively debate over comparative health care systems and international cuisine. Peter, you may be right about Italian being the best option if you could only eat the food of one country for life but you will never convince me that the American’s have the right idea about healthcare! Never!

Ever the gracious hosts, I was given a lift back to the station where we spotted another raccoon!!! Despite her fear that it would jump in the car, Sheliza bravely pulled up alongside it so I could take a photo for you my dear readers.

I got home in time for my Skype date with my Mum and sister, Bec. The time difference between Sydney and Vancouver is a tough one to negotiate but I was more than happy to be up to 3.15am just to see their smiling faces and hear their voices – of course I was too tired to understand a word they were saying, just joking, it’s not like I have to be up early tomorrow morning…



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