The afternoon after…


The afternoon after…
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Well, I didn’t get out of bed much before 2pm today such was the night before. Sorry Mum and Dad, I know it’s not very lady like of me but I didn’t puke if that counts for anything. I was just getting in touch with my Irish roots and getting involved in sport – how many years have you been trying to get me to do that! It should actually be a very proud moment for you. And don’t worry Mum, I got all the bed barnacles off.

Any good hangover needs to be fed so with that in mind, I rugged up against the rain and headed up Main Street in search of stodge. I probably should have gotten a bus but I wanted to see what I could see on the way, this being one of the more interesting streets for funky little shops full of curios, handmade arts &amp; crafts and other tchotchkes that I don’t need but like very much. Luckily by the time I was walking by, most of them were closed to save me from temptation.

About 20 blocks up (like I said, should’ve got a bus!), I lit up at the sight of a favourite old haunt in a new location – Slickety Jim’s Chat ‘n Chew – right away, you gotta love the name! It had been in the back of my mind to look it up, especially when the block I thought it was on was now vacant. I went straight in and plonked myself down and ordered a cup o’ joe straight up. The original chat ‘n chew had been an eclectic mix of styles – a little hit and miss but this new revamp has pulled it all together and is looking good!

I ordered a ‘sloppy jehovah’ – vegetarian chilli on homemade cornbread with a side salad – and happily ploughed through it while they kept topping up my coffee to warm it up. Ah, that’s better. Feeling more myself, I set off in the rain again up another 10 blocks before turning back to head for home on the other side of the street.

By the time I was back down the other end, I’d made a little room for a sweet treat at a diner I’d spied on the way up – Lucy’s. Many of you may know that my eating habits over recent months have been somewhat erratic and my capacity hasn’t returned to its former glory but in the face of fresh apple pie with ice cream and a peanut butter thick shake, I seemed to forget that fact. They didn’t skimp on the serving size either so I did my best but had to admit defeat when I felt the excesses of the night before starting to fight back.

Still raining, I waddled home to my lovely dry apartment and digested the night away.



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