Girls on film


Girls on film
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Another day, another happy reunion – this time with my friend Sheliza and her family. Last time we were in Vancouver, one of the undeniable highlights was meeting Sheliza’s daughter, Asina, who was two years old at the time. Every now and then you meet someone you just plain like – no need to warm to them, they’re just there, fully formed and ready to adore – Asina was one of these personality packed people who just blew us away with her renditions of Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin numbers.

Now she is eight and even more fascinating with a love of sport, reading and archeology – these Vancouverites are just so damn well-rounded, even at this age! But wait, there’s more – Asina is now joined by a partner in crime – her two year old sister, Ila, who is every bit the character though entirely her own person. Together, they have a double act that will reform even the most ardent curmudgeon. When it comes to performing the entire back catalogue of their favourite band, they are not backwards in coming forwards. The band – Duran Duran!

I don’t care how many kittens or slow-loris’ you’ve seen on youtube – you have not seen cute until you see a two year old belt out Hungry Like The Wolf or her eight year old sister perform a word perfect rendition of The Reflex complete with moves. If anyone out there has any connections to the band, you need to contact them now and let them know there is a support act here in Vancouver ready, willing and able to join their next tour. In fact, they don’t need the band (whose members they know by name), they can take the show on the road themselves.

We met at my place from where Peter and the girls road their bikes to a nearby park while Sheliza and I walked and caught up on the intervening years. Over the course of the day, Sheliza inspired me with stories of her own journey and its achievements and perhaps unwittingly gave me guidance by example for my own uncertain future. For this, I am truly grateful.

Back to my place for pizza and drinks on the balcony and a few more Duran Duran classics before Sheliza, Peter, Asina and Ila rode off into the sunset, leaving me far better than they’d found me. I decided to take my elation for a stroll down to the seawall where I was met with still more music. A big band was rehearsing by the water and drawing a cheerful crowd. For an area that is still struggling into life, they lent the area a wonderful sense of community as they played.

I’ve heard that “music is what feelings sound like” – today I feel a symphony!



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