Sisters of Mercy


Sisters of Mercy
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

They say start in the way you mean to go on – oh how I wish I could! The starting point of this trip has been my obscenely generous sisters bringing me to stay at Faena Hotel, perhaps the coolest and fanciest hotel in all of Argentina – Philippe Starck outdid himself on this one! Last time I was here, we went to Faena for a drink and dreamt that one day we might be able to stay in such a place – today, I did.

Upon check in, we were offered cocktails by the pool while our ‘experience manager’ prepared our room. Once it was ready, they took us and our bags up and left us to the splendour and our jetlag. We promptly decided that such opulence was worthy of the lions share of our first day, tourism could wait.

Cosies on, we headed to the spa for general repose. We sweated it our in the hammam spa and sauna before deciding to cool off in the downstairs pool. It was a little chilly but it was heated and we didn’t want to deprive the hip and happenin’ folk gathered in the Library Lounge and Poolbar of seeing us make a splash – how else would they know how beautiful they are without a point of comparison?

You might be scoffing at our hedonism but please reserve your judgement because there’s more! At this point, Rebecca and Rachael decided it would be best if we all got massages to ease us into the trip (as you can tell, up to this point, it had been a tough day). After an hour of hot stone therapy, we barely had enough time to go back to our room, do our hair and makeup, get all dressed up and make our 10.30pm dinner reservation at Sucre, another of the cities places to see and be seen.

We wined and dined till we were as ready to explode as the Dulce de Leche volcano dessert that I’ll dream of the rest of my life! We got a private tour of their extensive wine room and even scored an invitation from our waiter to party – tragically, our jetlag RSVPed on our behalf.

You might be thinking I have the most amazing sisters, that their generosity knows no bounds but I’d like to remind you that the ultimate expression of generosity is to give someone the shirt off your back. It’s worth adding therefore that they both did that too – Rebecca lending me a a cute little number to get around the hotel in and Rach lending me something special to dress up my denim for dinner.

Left to me own devices, I would never have had a day like today. I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude for these two amazing people I’m proud and humbled to call sister. Thank you.



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